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I work with businesses and organizations to communicate effectively and passionately with a range of audiences.

In the little and culturally diverse nation of Panama, I started my journey in a small but significant town called Colon. It is where my fixation with the weather and my love of meteorology both started. I'm one of those individuals that enjoy watching thunderstorms and hurricanes.

My passion for weather and meteorology led me to my first job with a Telemundo station in Washington, D.C. From there, my career developed and took me to Excelsior, Minnesota with WeatherNation, then to Telemundo Miami where I was able to serve as the main meteorologist for the popular national program "Un Nuevo Dia." I was able to earn my first National Emmy thanks to that chance.

I ended up working for ABC in Detroit, MI, after six years in South Florida, and then with the triopoly of NBC, NECN, and Telemundo Nueva Inglaterra in Boston, MA.  After 15 years in local and national television, I decided to step away from the full-time hustle and bustle of TV to take care of my daughters to find a balance between work and life.


My current goal is to assist others to communicate and inspire them to take action.

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DWTS Michigan
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